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It’s Looking Bright at Deep Point Ferry Terminal


Things are looking brighter at Deep Point Ferry Terminal these days. That’s because every light bulb in the parking area—all 147 of them—has been upgraded to use LED bulbs. 

The results are easy to see: brighter, cleaner, more crisp light.

These changes are having a big impact on the guests and residents who call Bald Head Island home (even if it is only for a couple of weeks), and the folks who work on-island. Simply put, the LED lighting improves visibility in the parking areas, making it easier to get to and from vehicles in an area that’s well lit and safer overall. 

With the new LED bulbs comes two other benefits: reduced energy consumption and a pretty sizable cost savings.  

Mike Rivette, Electrical Maintenance Supervisor at Deep Point Marina, said, “These new LED bulbs are more efficient and have a very long lifespan, so we anticipate saving close to $10,000 every year and we shouldn’t have to change any bulbs for around 15 years.”

He’s not exaggerating, either. Unless there’s a damaged or faulty bulb, the life expectancy for these LEDS is in excess of 15 years. And at 15 years, they don’t just burn out, they only become a little more inefficient they operate at 80% efficiency, if you were wondering). 

In some ways, using the LEDs is a small change, but it’s one with a big impact. Rivette said he and Southport-based Long Bay Solar and LED Lighting Solution—the contractor who installed the upgraded lights—are keeping an eye on upcoming LED bulb technology so they can change out more bulbs in the Deep Point Ferry Terminal and the Island-side Ferry Terminal in the future.

Published on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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