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Tiffany McWhorter: Bald Head Island Home Maven


Many things come together to make Bald Head Island into the place that it is. We all recognize the natural beauty—with all that beach and those gorgeous marsh creeks, how could we miss it?—and we all have our favorite BHI activities, but it’s the people that make this an Island like no other. That’s why we’ve decided to bring you the stories of the Island in the words of the ones who know it best: the residents, workers, and visitors like you who make up the community on Bald Head Island.

Tiffany McWhorter has called Bald Head Island home since 1996. The owner of Tiffany’s Beach Rentals and Sales, one of the Island’s vacation rental agencies; Room Service, a home décor shop and interior design studio; and Beach & Baby, an online company that rents bulky baby and beach gear to vacationers, she’s an integral part of the community for visitors and residents alike. We sat down to talk with Tiffany and find out about her Bald Head Island.

How did you discover Bald Head Island? When was it?

I first came to Bald Head Island in the fall of 1990 with several couples. We rented what was then called the Horan House on Snowy Egret.

What drew you to Bald Head Island?

The serenity. I absolutely loved feeling like I was a million miles away from civilization without really being that far away.

Why decide to make a life here?

It just kind of worked out that way. Call it serendipity. I was looking for a way to quit my corporate job and be a stay at home mom. As it turned out, my downstairs neighbor in Royal James Landing had a rental business and was looking for a partner that allowed me to work from home. The rest is history.

What do you love about living here?

Where to begin? I am a beach girl and I love the ocean. I also love driving to work each morning and admiring the beauty of the marsh. I love sleeping with the windows open and hearing the crickets and the roar of the ocean and I really love the sound of quiet, of hearing nothing. I love being in any room of my house and looking at trees and having total privacy. I love being able to go for a run and not see a soul. I love the fact that it’s a neighborly island and everyone knows everyone.

You own three business on Bald Head Island—Tiffany’s Beach Rentals & Sales, which rents and sells vacation homes; Room Service Home Furnishings, which is a décor and design studio; and Beach & Baby Equipment Rentals, which provides visitors those difficult-to-travel pieces of baby and beach equipment. What made Bald Head Island the right place to start a business?

For starters, Bald Head Island offers business owners a captive audience and an opportunity to provide a unique experience at a great vacation destination. I, for one, am driven by the opportunity to give guests an experience unlike anywhere else, whether they are renting a house from me or buying a unique antique handpicked by me during my travels.

What should visitors know/bring/do in order to make the most of a trip to the island?

As the saying goes, prepare to relax. All one needs is a mental adjustment set for relaxing and adventure.

Do you have a favorite place or activity? Can you share it with us?

My favorite thing? I have two things I love to do when I have time: bike riding with my girls and running the full circle of the island.

You have the final word on Bald Head Island; anything to add?

I think Bald Head Island is the greatest place on earth. I am thankful each and every day that I am lucky enough to call it home.

Published on Friday, March 13, 2015

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