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What do I do about Groceries on Bald Head Island?

Maritime Market Cafe Bald Head Island

We’ve been asked this question a lot lately.

Maybe it’s because we use the words ‘peaceful oasis’ ‘remote island’ and ‘charming escape’ to describe vacations on Bald Head Island. However, ‘remote’ and ‘isolated’ doesn’t mean you have to go hungry; in fact, just the opposite. With an exceptional grocery store in Maritime Market, and plenty of restaurants to choose from, you’ll be sure to eat like kings and queens when on the island. 

Here, we’ve listed our best plan of attack for bringing, buying, and eating meals on Bald Head Island.  


1. Buy groceries on the Island at Maritime Market

It’s easy to leave the tubs and coolers at home when the Bald Head Island grocery store, Maritime Market, has everything you need to fill your pantry. From fresh local NC seafood, USDA Prime Meats and local produce, to an extensive wine collection and seasonal Ice Cream Shop, you'll find just what you're looking for and more.  

To make things even easier, Maritime Market offers many options for helping you get your groceries as well. They offer a grocery delivery service that drops off essential groceries to your home or rental unit before you even arrive; a Family Meal Menu to ease the burden of meal preparation; a Market Café for on-the-go breakfast and made-from-scratch lunch options; and a Sweet Bay Catering option to prepare, deliver, set-up and serve an elegantly presented private affair for your family or guests.  

For more information on all of the services Maritime Market offers, please visit us here.  

2. Bring liquor from home (If applicable)

If there is one thing we do recommend bringing from home, it’s liquor. While the Maritime Market has an extensive selection of wine and beer, they do not currently offer packaged liquor. Of course the bars and restaurants around the island offer cocktails, but if your vacation won’t be complete without a homemade Dark N’ Stormy, then be sure to pick up the rum before coming over to the Island.

Additionally, Southport, North Carolina has an ABC store located here, if you need to make an emergency run during your stay.  

3. Eat out at delicious restaurants!

One of the best things about vacation is not having to cook. (Although, if you are the baking inclined, check out our other article on the three easiest meals to prepare to entertain your guests.) Otherwise, Bald Head Island has an array of options to satisfy most any craving.  

Dining options on Bald Head Island include two clubs - Bald Head Island Club and The Shoals Club - as well as the following delicious restaurants:

  • Mojo’s on the Harbor
  • Delphina Cantina
  • Sandpiper Ice Cream and Coffee
  • Maritime Market Café 
  • The Pelicatessen
  • Will O’ The Wisp.

For a complete list and details, please visit us here.  

The best thing about eating out on Bald Head Island (besides not having to do the dishes) is that there’s always a view. For instance, both Mojo’s on the Harbor and Delphina Cantina are located in proximity to the ferry landing, for a beautiful harbor and Old Baldy Lighthouse view. Eating at the Shoals Club, situated at the Point of Cape Fear, treats diners to the best views on the island overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. And if you need a place to unwind after a day golfing, kayaking, or sailing, Will o’ the Wisp is located next to the Sail Ship with a view of the river.  

In summary, it is definitely not necessary to pack your whole kitchen sink when preparing for a visit to Bald Head Island. The Island itself has everything you need and more! For more answers regarding your next trip to Bald Head Island, please contact us here.   

Published on Monday, December 21, 2015

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