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Top 5 Things to do if Spending Christmas on Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island Christmas 2015

1. Have a Christmas tree

There is no better time than now to trade in the holiday parties and overcrowded stores for a peaceful Christmas vacation on Bald Head Island. And just because you (smartly) opt to spend Christmas at the beach, doesn’t mean you have to spend it without a Christmas tree. Conveniently, the Maritime Market is selling Christmas trees this year, and they're on sale now for only $39.99. Additionally, the Bald Head Island Club facilitates Christmas tree delivery to the island each year for trees ordered from Stewart's Hardware in Southport. You can find out more information here. Whatever option you choose, make sure to decorate it brightly so Santa Claus will be able to find you! 


2. Take a winter lights golf cart ride 

While overcrowded stores and too many parties may not be one of them, there are some holiday traditions that you just don’t want to miss. If one of those includes a cruise around the neighborhood to see Christmas lights, you won’t have to miss out just because you’re on the Island. Many residents of Bald Head Island decorate their homes for the holidays, which means you can still enjoy the holiday ritual - from your golf cart! Yes, it may be cold, but if you pile in together, zip down the doors, bring a lot of blankets (and maybe even a portable heater), we promise it will be an experience worth having! 


3. Enjoy a bonfire on the beach 

When done responsibly*, winter bonfires on the beach make for a night to be remembered. An Island tradition since 2011, the Howl at the Moon Party put on every month by the Maritime Market, happens to fall on December 25th this year. The Howl at the Moon party often involves a blazing bonfire and some of Chef Chip’s famous appetizers, along with huge pots of soup for attendees to enjoy. You can find more information here. Otherwise, be sure to secure a house with a fireplace when you book your holiday accommodation deal this year, and enjoy your own cozy fire inside! 

*Bald Head Island Village has an open burning ordinance that prohibits open fires without a permit issued from the Fire Chief.


4. Spend New Year’s Eve out 

Like most holidays, New Year's is shaping up to be another iconic weekend on Bald Head Island. There are two big events on New Year's Eve - one hosted by Mojo's on the Harbor, and the other hosted by the Bald Head Island Club. Both require reservations. For a casual affair, Mojo's on the Harbor hosts the Stone Age Romeo's ($50++ includes buffet dinner, dancing, a Champagne Toast and a very silly hat. The Bald Head Island Club is hosting a semi-formal/formal evening with a lavish buffet, and music by the Catalina's ($95++). Call the Bald Head Island Club at 910-457-7300 or call Mojo's on the Harbor at 910-457-7217.


5. Eat black eyed peas on New Year’s Day 

The Bald Head Island Club is also hosting a fun-tastic New Year's Day celebration on Friday, January 1. This event is highlighted by a traditional New Year's Day southern-themed buffet, along with the legendary Embers Band featuring Craig Woolard! It's a family-friendly event, and weather permitting, will take place outdoors. The fun begins at 4pm, and for adults - only $35++ - children are $15++ and under free are complimentary. Call the Bald Head Island Club at 910-457-7300 for reservations.

Published on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

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