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Travel Made Easy - Bald Head Island is a Renter’s Paradise

Posted on Friday, December 11, 2015

9214_002To keep its relaxed, vacation vibe and protect the natural habitat, Bald Head Island doesn’t allow cars. This means you have a take a ferry over to Bald Head Island. While Bald Head Island is a natural playground for adults and kids, that doesn’t mean you have to pack heavily to enjoy nature’s gifts.
Bald Head Island offers a full range of items you may need at an affordable rental rate. There’s no need to lug heavy or oversized items as it’s so easy to rent them.

The ferry ride over has some of the same restrictions as airlines. You can check items onto the ferry to Bald Head Island and you may also have carry-on items. All checked items must be in a covered container, suitcase, or zipped bag. Carry-ons should be consistent in size and weight as airline carry-on bags. Ferry restrictions include a charge for bulky or heavy items. If you’re bringing these large items with you to Bald Head Island, especially during peak hours, they may not even be on the same ferry ride over as you.

Save yourself the hassle and rent! Bald Head Island offers a wide range of items for rent. You may be surprised to find beach chairs and fishing tackle, cribs and strollers are all available to rent. You can also rent kayaks, surfboards, paddleboards, bicycles, and golf carts that make getting anywhere on Bald Head Island a breeze.

Riverside Adventure Company has golf carts, bicycles, and beach game rentals. The Sail Shop is an outdoor activity center that rents kayaks, canoes, surfboards, and boogie boards. Coastal Urge has a bike shop and board room for a variety of two-wheel and board rentals that will get you on the move. 

Island Hardware is a fully-stocked hardware store with items for purchase or rent. From tools to grills, to beach supplies and beach umbrellas. For your marine and fishing supplies, plus snacks, the Dockmaster Convenience Store is at the ready. 

Maritime Market is a full-service grocery store that offers grocery staples as well as USDA prime beef, fresh seafood, artisan cheeses, fresh produce, wine and beer, plus take-out meals. The also conveniently deliver groceries and meals to your vacation rental home on Bald Head Island.

The only thing Bald Head Island doesn’t seem to sell is package liquor. Of course the bars and restaurants offer cocktails, but if your vacation won’t be complete without a dram of whiskey as you settle in for the evening or a Negroni during cocktail hour at your vacation rental home, consider bringing your own from home. Everything else you can rent there.