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Your Bald Head Island Thanksgiving


Bald Head Island is the ideal destination for making lasting memories. Stunning scenery, a relaxing environment, and luxury rental homes draw people in to a peaceful island vacation. As you finalize your holiday plans, we decided to go over some reminders so your Thanksgiving away-from-home goes just as planned.  

  • Accommodations: Make sure you have an accurate head count so everyone gets a comfortable place to sleep. Bald Head Island vacation rentals include a variety of different sizes and features to accommodate all guests. Fireplace, screened-in porch, hot tub – talk it over and decide what you would enjoy the most. Browse through available properties and photos to find the perfect one for your family.  
  • Packing: Check the forecast and be prepared for whatever lies ahead. Bring jackets and scarves for chilly weather. Pack a swimsuit for the hot tub. Grab your umbrella and boots if rain is coming. The big holiday meals might require sneakers to go for a run during your trip to burn some of those extra calories. 
  • Food: Turkey dinner is always a big highlight of the year and you don’t want to be shorthanded on supplies. Check the hours of the local grocery store so you're prepared for last minute emergencies. You can call Maritime Market for holiday hours and to see if they carry items you might need. BHI rentals are stocked with kitchen materials, but make a list to make sure you have everything covered and be sure to bring any special kitchen items not considered "standard" that you may need. Rental Relations Coordinators can answer any questions you may have about your property's inventory. Key items to have on hand you may need to bring from home or purchase on the island are aluminum foil, apple corer, turkey bags, food mill, gravy strainer, thermometer, pastry brush, cloth napkins or decorative paper napkins - all things that could get left behind and you’re better safe than sorry. 
  • Capturing moments: This may be one of the few times a year you get the whole family together so you have to get mementos of the trip. Remember to pack all the electronics you need so you don’t get stuck asking one family member to send everyone their iPhone photos. Pack your cameras, video cameras, batteries, chargers and accessories to have picture proof of the trip for everyone.

Family reunions and the event of planning can get stressful. Remember to stop and take in the unparalleled scenery of Bald Head Island. We can assure you that no matter what your plans are, just being on the island will give you the relaxing getaway you had your heart set on. And above all, remember to be thankful. View our calendar of events to see other options for Thanksgiving dining on BHI. 

Published on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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