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One Reason to Love

Why Do You Love Bald Head Island Series One
There is so much to love about Bald Head Island that we can't possibly cover all of the reasons right here on the blog. So we're asking homeowners and vacationers alike to tell us why they keep coming back year after year. 
When asked this very question, ten-year homeowner, Katharine Hesmer sums it up to say, 
“My crush on Bald Head began over 25 years ago. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a guest as well as a homeowner, and wouldn’t trade the memories we’ve made on that island for anything.”
“Some of the sweetest and simplest times we’ve spent as a family have been on Bald Head. It’s amazing that you can be only 20 minutes from the mainland and yet feel a million miles away. There’s an inescapable sense of serenity there — the pace is slower, the setting is pristine, and there’s nothing contrived about the experience. I love the mindful way the island has been developed, the careful attention paid to the integrity of the wildlife and plant life, and the simplicity of traveling by golf cart."
"The only thing I honestly dislike about Bald Head, in a word, is leaving.” 
Well said! 
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Published on Monday, November 23, 2015

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