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A Photographer’s Take on the Best Weddings

Bald Head Island Kevin Millard

With over two decades of experience in wedding photography, 14 of those with Bald Head weddings specifically, Kevin Millard and his wife Lauren know a thing or two about how to capture the perfect wedding memories. 

Kevin, of KMI Photography, is a Wilmington favorite photographer known for his uncontrived - yet stunning and timeless - style that leaves every bride quick to recommend him to all of her friends. With experience and personality, he manages to capture the very essence of the day in a way that leaves every bride and groom with their own unique story.

Here, we ask Kevin what makes Bald Head Island so unique and how the ambiance of the Island seems to affect every bride, groom…and their pictures.

How long have you been photographing weddings on Bald Head Island?

We have been photographing Bald Head Island Weddings since our start in 2001.  We usually photograph around 10-15 weddings on the island annually, but that can vary year to year.  

How does Bald Head Island as a destination compare to other beach weddings you’ve done?  

There is something unique about weddings held on Bald Head Island, and it's always a pleasure to photograph on the Island.  There is a certain coastal charm that is undeniable. The island seems to draw you into its beauty and purity, slowing you down to take it all in.  The ease of the island is contagious and I can always see it transform the faces of our couples and their wedding guests-they are centered, peaceful, and connected with setting around them.  This makes for a wedding setting and experience that is truly incomparable.  

What is your favorite time of year for a wedding on Bald Head Island?

May and October are probably our favorites.  These months seem to have similar qualities on the island - not too hot or humid, a little quieter, and some of the most beautiful sunsets you will see.

Where is your favorite venue on Bald Head Island?

It's too hard to narrow it down, they each have their own unique appeal.  The Shoals Club is bright and airy with large covered porches and a beautiful banquet room inside.  We love walking our couples out to the southernmost point of the island for photographs, a short walk from the Shoals Club.  The light there has an almost ethereal quality to it, and sunsets are breathtaking.  

The Bald Head Island Club is so elegant, and the draping on the outdoor patio makes for breathtaking photos of a first dance or wedding ceremony.  The lawn is beautiful for photos also, and receptions at Bald Head Island Club are always top notch!    

Is there a wedding that you’ve done on Bald Head Island that sticks out as one of your favorites? Why?

Kelsey and Sean had a beautiful event that spanned from the Chapel to the Shoals Club. In between we were able to get photos on the beach, the lighthouse, and the dock. Their wedding stands out as an intimate, thoughtful ceremony with a small gathering of friends and family. The party with a live band at the Shoals Club ended out the night with beautiful ocean views.

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What is your typical style as a wedding photographer?

Our style is a marriage between photojournalism and fine art portraiture with a healthy dose of happy thrown into the mix.  We strive to create classic, thoughtful, emotive images and tell the story of the wedding day in an honest way.    

What should a bride look for in picking their wedding photographer? 

I think you need to look for a photographer with ample experience, a vast body of work, and a great personality.  

How should an interested bride get in contact with you?

We can be reached by phone or email, and love the opportunity to learn more about a couple's wedding day.

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Published on Monday, November 30, 2015

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