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Top 3 Reasons to Retire to the Coast of North Carolina

Posted on Sunday, November 15, 2015

North Carolina Coast Retirement Bald Head Island
North Carolina recently overtook Florida and Arizona as the favorite retirement destination state 

among the aging population in a recent Del Webb study. We take a look at some of the reasons why North Carolina takes 

out the top spot to live out the golden years. 

#1 Climate

When choosing a retirement home - location, location, location is everything. Aside from 

proximity to family, a warm winter climate usually sits at the top of the list for prospective buyers. 

Some may argue that Florida boasts a warm weather climate that is hard to beat; however, we 

make the case that North Carolina’s climate offers an enjoyable, yet still diverse weather pattern 

all year round. 

Unlike Florida, North Carolina does endure a mild winter season with colder temperatures. 

However, where there is a mild coolness through winter, there is a mild coolness through 

summer, giving North Carolinians relief that can’t be found in Southern Florida. Along the 

coastline in North Carolina, specifically where Bald Head Island sits, temperatures rarely drop 

below 40 degrees in winter and rarely go over 100 degrees in summer. 

The best part about North Carolina’s coastal climate is the ability for retirees to enjoy any sport 

or activity of choice all year round. Unlike states located further south, North Carolina still enjoys 

four seasons throughout the year with mild transitions to carry fall into winter and winter into 

spring. On Bald Head Island, golfers can enjoy a round of golf on its prestigious, award-winning 

greens no matter what time of year it is and with a nice cool breeze, residents can still enjoy 

dinner on the harbor during the hottest months of summer. 

#2 Serenity 

Unlike most popular beach destinations, the North Carolina coast inhabits wide, expansive 

beaches that aren’t overcrowded or overrun with tourists. A twenty minute ferry ride from 

Southport, North Carolina allows you to escape to a quaint, private island known as Bald Head 

Island that feels hours, even days, away from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life. The 

white, sandy beaches and sweeping green dunes are enjoyed by a community of only 300 full-

time residents year round. With two miles of serene beach up for grabs no matter what time of 

year, the Island is the perfect place to find your tranquil escape.   

#3 Character

North Carolina offers a ‘cool factor’ that is hard to find in other retirement spots around the 

country. In the coastal town of Southport, retirees enjoy a historic city with a revered past and 

charming present. Beautifully restored homes, churches and public buildings grace the city’s 

tree-lined streets. 

The Southport Community Building, as seen here, is host to many weddings throughout the 

year as it’s perfectly positioned on the banks of the Cape Fear River. 

Additionally, Southport, North Carolina is also the gateway to the state’s best kept coastal 

secret, Bald Head Island. A fun 20 minute ferry ride from Deep Point Marina in Southport allows 

you access to the most private and charming island where only golf carts and bikers are allowed 

to roam. Bald Head Island’s character is defined by a car-less island that is home to a beautiful 

harbor, two beautifully built clubhouses, nature trails, forests, two miles of pristine beach and 

more. The island has its own tennis courts, croquet field, golf course, swimming pool, bike trails, 

Maritime Market, day spa, award-winning restaurants, and boutique shops - all in one spot, so 

you never have to leave. Because trust us… you aren’t ever going to want to!

For more information on taking a trip or moving permanently to Bald Head Island, please visit us