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Tips for the Perfect Retreat Home

When? Where? What? Simple questions sometimes without simple answers. Choosing Bald Head Island is one of the easiest decisions to make after the task of selecting the ideal home-away-from-home which may seem daunting. We’ve asked our travel specialists for tips on how to make it through the selection process stress-free. 

  1. Prioritize what is important to your stay. Make a list of things you are looking for, and then put them in order of importance.
    • Search for kid-friendly, pet-friendly, privacy of bedroom locations, proximity to a pool, beach, shops or restaurants.
    • Search for homes that offer cart capacity to match the occupancy of the home or factor in the costs of renting an additional cart when comparing prices.
    • Determine the importance of added amenities such as and outdoor basketball hoop or pin-pong table and picnic area.
    • If entertaining is important evaluate houses that offer additional areas for wine storage and ice-makers.
    • Multi-generational travelers may benefit from detached mother-in-law suites known as Crofter Cottages on Bald Head Island. Some Crofters offer mini-kitchens.
    • Determine how important an ocean view is for your vacation experience. You may be able to meet the majority of your housing criteria for a lower rental rate if you choose an interior property. On Bald Head Island you are never too far from a beach. Plug the property’s address in Google Earth to get an idea of its exact location. Or view the maps associated with the property on our agency’s website which is populated by Google Earth.
    • Determine what supplies you will need to bring and what the property supplies such as highchairs, cribs and necessarily kitchen items. Weigh costs associated with bringing your own items such as bikes that require a ferry cargo ticket with renting items while on island. Beach Baby, Coastal Urge and Riverside Adventure Company rent items from bikes to highchairs.
  1. Start your search early. Bald Head Island Limited Property Management uses yield technology similar to that of an airline system. Avoid some of the stress and excessive costs that can go with trying to secure your ideal home, particularly during peak summer season and on short notice, by thinking and planning at least six months (preferably a year for summer season) in advance. While this may seem unreasonable in terms of long-range planning, keep in mind that vacation rentals – at least, the very good ones – usually book up fast. As availability becomes scarce rates tend to go up. If you are willing to wait until the week of travel you may find a last minute getaway deal.
  1. Consult multiple sources. When vacation house hunting it often helps to talk to a reservationist and read reviews. Bald Head Island Limited Property Management collects reviews from FlipKey, TripAdvisor and through our own mobile app and displays them on our property pages such as seen on Kate’s Choice’s property page. Don’t be afraid to address any negative comments with one of our knowledgeable reservationists. Often comments of concern have been addressed and if applicable corrected.
  1. Bottom line is important and so is service. Understand what is included in the rate you are paying. Bald Head Island offers two distinct club experiences. Bald Head Island Limited includes both club fees for homes possessing club memberships in the rental rate. Bald Head Island Limited rates also include a security deposit waiver insurance fee which covers accidental damages in the home and/or golf cart up to $5,000 as well as pet fees for pet-friendly homes. When comparing agencies and rental rates consider added value and customer service as well as costs. As the oldest and most prestigious rental agency on the island Bald Head Island Limited Property Management is able to offer additional benefits through a Discovery Pass program which gives guests free access to DVD rentals and other island amenities per day of stay. Availability of staff and response time is a factor to consider as well as pricing. Renting with an agency such as Bald Head Island Limited ensures your every need will be met in a timely manner, and with a dedicated staff of 40 available year-round, they have you covered no matter the time of year you stay.
  1. Reviewing documentation prior to travel will help relief stress. Many agencies provide pre, during and post stay information. Bald Head Island Limited includes all rental policies, arriving and departing tips on its website as well as offers rental guests a more personalized experience through a mobile app. Downloading the mobile app is helpful as it contains information relevant to a guest’s stay and accommodations such a special pass codes, Wi-Fi information and reservation detail. Be sure the agency you do choose provides ferry/tram booking services. Bald Head Island Limited reservationists secure ferry/tram reservations for guests and the details are listed in your reservation detail received prior to your arrival. By understanding policies such as cancellation and transfers as well as knowing what the agency is handling and what you should handle yourself, your home- away- from-home experience can be a great one.

Every vacation home and agency are different. Matching your desires with a vacation home rental doesn’t have to be stressful if you follow the steps above. Let us help you on your next vacation search.

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Published on Thursday, January 22, 2015

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