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Badwater Cape Fear Ultramarathon Returns

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The BADWATER® experience came to the East Coast for the first time when the inaugural BADWATER® CAPE FEAR race took place on Bald Head Island, North Carolina on March 22, 2014. The race returns to this dramatic setting on March 21, 2015. BADWATER CAPE FEAR is a 51.4-mile ultra running race featuring a twelve-mile warm-up on the car-free, one-lane-wide roads and trails of Bald Head Island, followed by 39 miles of running on the wild and secluded sandy beach between Cape Fear and Fort Fisher. The race is held along the Atlantic Seaboard with spectacular views of the Frying Pan Shoals to the east and wild and undeveloped marshlands to the west. It is a dramatic, invigorating, inspiring setting to experience Cape Fear at ground level in all its grandeur! A 50km / 32mi route is also offered. More into at Bald Head Island Limited Property Management is offering a great accommodations discount. Check out


2014 Badwater Cape Fear, 50km and 51mi ultra running race on Bald Head Island, NC from Badwater® by AdventureCORPS® on Vimeo.

Published on Thursday, January 15, 2015

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