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Escape to Bald Head Island and Summer Photo Contests

Adult Category

A special thanks to our many Facebook fans and Bald Head Island enthusiasts for participating in our summer giveaways. Congratulations to Andrew Adams of Maryland on winning our Escape to Bald Head Island five-night giveaway. A quote from Andrew: “I love Bald Head Island for a number of different reasons.  For one, it is an absolutely beautiful place - there isn't a spot on the island where you can't appreciate its unique quality.  The island has a diversity of settings, including beaches, maritime forest, and salt marsh, all of which are a pleasure to explore.  It is a quiet, isolated retreat with a laid back attitude that's perfect for a getaway.  I am also a former intern with the BHI Conservancy so I was fortunate enough to live on BHI for a while and enjoy many of the island's natural wonders firsthand, an experience I will always fondly look back upon.  It's one of my wife and I's favorite places and we look forward to visiting again soon!” We look forward to hosting Andrew’s next visit to Bald Head Island.  

We were amazed by the number of exceptional photos that were uploaded during our photo contest. It was hard to pick the winners; however, the votes are in and we congratulate the following:  

Adult Category - Katie Morgan with “Kids & Seagull at Play” will be enjoying a 3-night stay on Bald Head Island 

Youth Category - Samantha Lenger with “Old Baldy and Bridge” will receive a new GoPro camera 

Kids Category - Kathy Martin with “Summer Netting” will enjoy a Frozen Olaf birthday cake 

Thank you to everyone who participated! We enjoyed seeing all the wonderful images submitted and plan to provide additional opportunities for photo sharing. Keep an eye out for future contests and be sure to "like" Bald Head Island on Facebook to stay up-to-date on Island news. 

Published on Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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