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Turtle Season in Full Swing on Bald Head Island

Turtle nesting season is in full swing on Bald Head Island. The BHI Conservancy reports a total nest count of 20 nests for the season to date. This is a lower number than last year at this time due to the cyclical nature of turtle nesting (female turtles do not nest every year) and it is not unusual to have a year with fewer nests (back in 2009, the island only had 37 nests all season!).

Last week’s brush with Arthur did not seem to bother the nesting sea turtles. In fact, the island had two additional nests laid the night of the storm!

The BHI Conservancy will continue nightly patrols through the first week of August, and expect the first nests to begin to hatch at the end of this month. Visit their website for daily updates on nests and to learn how to participate in a Turtle Walk to see a nesting or hatching taking place in the wild. 

Published on Tuesday, July 8, 2014

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