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Bald Head Island, a Delightful Destination Wedding Location

Guest Blog by Audra Gibson, editor of Traveling Ink based out of Charleston, SC.

Larry Brown stood and said a few words before he raised a glass in honor of his newly married daughter, Holland, and her husband, Aaron Cunningham, at their reception. He thanked the surrounding family and friends for coming to Bald Head Island, acknowledging that many people had spent a good measure of time and energy making the journey to attend the wedding. He then said something that really stuck with me.

“If you are here tonight, you are very important to Holland and Aaron.” 

He went on to say that a destination wedding wasn’t an affair that the bride and groom would have invited their entire address book to, but instead a select number of very special people in their lives. It was notable, as I had been well aware that Bald Head Island itself had been a special place in Holland and Aaron’s lives. 

I first came to know about the island because of Holland Cunningham. She is a sorority sister of mine, and her family has been vacationing and making memories on Bald Head for about twenty years now. Aaron proposed to her on the beach during one of those family vacations. When the time came to make a decision about a wedding location, it was only fitting they plan a beautiful spring wedding on the island. And now we were getting the opportunity to be a part of one of those fabulous Bald Head Island memories. It was a touching moment.

Holland’s complimentary description left me eager to do a travel writing piece on Bald Head Island for Once I arrived, I realized it was not only a fabulous place to vacation, but an optimal choice for anyone looking to plan a destination wedding. There are two main reasons I came to that conclusion. The first is that the island has everything a bride and groom need for a gorgeous wedding. The second focuses on enjoying the people attending.

The first reason centers on how well appointed the island is. This isn’t a surprise to anyone who has spent time vacationing on Bald Head, but for those who haven’t yet had the pleasure, the island is full of highlights and amenities. Those wanting an outdoor wedding need look no further, as the island is surrounded by natural beauty. For the bride and groom wanting a more traditional wedding, the Village Chapel, featuring natural wood throughout and a backdrop of green foliage and Bald Head Creek, is an easy choice. The island boasts two elegant clubs and accompanying restaurants in the Shoals Club and Bald Head Island Club, perfect for everything from a delectable sit down dinner to dancing under the stars. Island Retreat Spa and Salon is located right on the island for the wedding party that wants to be pampered or simply needs hair and makeup services before the ceremony. The list goes on and on when it comes to professional services and facilities available to a bride and groom.

The second reason Bald Head Island is a wonderful location for a wedding revolves around the people most important to the bride and groom, their family and friends. Many of us can think of weddings we invested in attending where we had only brief moments to spend with the bride and groom. A destination wedding on Bald Head is a reliable anecdote for such drive by affairs. The wedding party and guests can arrive a few days early or stay a few days after the wedding, enjoying the area as they would on a vacation. Holland and Aaron went one step further, deciding to stay on the island for their honeymoon. This meant they got to spend extended time with their wedding guests both before and after the grand affair. The accommodations on the island also encourage quality time unlike any cramped hotel room could. House rentals invite guests in, stimulating conversation and friendship in a comfortable, relaxed environment. The bride and groom also need not worry about their guests enjoying themselves on the island as there are an ample amount of options for entertainment and recreation, many of which we took advantage of including an eco tour, sailing, and kayaking.

Holland’s father had made a heartwarming speech as he toasted his daughter and new son-in-law and thanked the guests attending. I can sincerely say it was my pleasure, and one of the most enjoyable out of town weddings I’ve attended. It is easy to see why Bald Head Island was the obvious wedding destination for Holland and Aaron, and such a popular a choice for so many couples starting their lives together. 

Published on Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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