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Trans-Marsh Timber Bridge Opens to Public

Village of BHI Mayor Andy Sayre and BHI Limited Chief Executive Office Chad Paul Cut the Ribbon. By Karen Ellison, Village of Bald Head Island Director of Communications

Bald Head Island, NC – April 5, 2012 – A special meeting of the Village of Bald Head Island Council was held today at 10:00 a.m. to officially accept and open the new Trans-Marsh Timber Bridge.

Built by Bald Head Island Limited, LLC (BHI Limited), the bridge was signed over to the Village of Bald Head Island who will provide long term maintenance and up-keep of the bridge. The new bridge connects Keelson Row to the intersection between North and West Bald Head Wynds and is designed to improve the flow of traffic from the harbor area out to the rest of the Island. The bridge concept was developed as early as 1994, but for various reasons construction was put off until now. The bridge was designed and constructed by York Bridge Concepts out of Florida.

“Now that the bridge is complete,” said Jim Henry, Planning and Construction Director with BHI Limited, during the ceremony, “it will become part of the fabric of the Island.” After the brief meeting, Mayor Andy Sayre and BHI Limited CEO Chad Paul cut the ribbon to officially open the bridge.

The bridge is 520 feet long and has a capacity of 5 tons. Only golf carts, trams, bicycles and pedestrians are allowed on the bridge.


Published on Thursday, April 5, 2012

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