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Bald Head Association Marks its 30th Anniversary with Community Celebration

On Friday, April 27th, the Bald Head Association (BHA) celebrates its 30th anniversary. Exactly 30 years ago to the day, the former property owners’ association was dissolved and the Bald Head Association was born, defining its role in the community at the time as the one-stop shop for managing the Island’s services.

After the Village of Bald Head Island was created to assume responsibility for those services, the Association’s role transitioned into one of communication, advocacy, architectural control, Covenant and common area protection and representation of the non-resident property owners.

At the 30th anniversary celebration, held at BHA’s Association Center, three past presidents of the Association – Dr. Thad Wester, Dr. Bob Timmons and Dick Johnston – reflected on their respective challenges and accomplishments while leading the organization.

Kit Adcock, long-time property owner and BHA Board member, announced the dedication of the Association Center’s largest meeting room as Generator Society Hall, named for the eighteen families whose pioneer spirit and undeniable hard work laid the foundation for the Island’s current social, cultural and political fabric. She also announced the naming of two meeting rooms within the Association Center in honor of two families from the Society who had a particular impact on the organization – Dr. Thad & Lee Wester and Bill & Billie Jeane Berne.

In his closing remarks, Board President Joe Hawkins asked those present for the celebration to think about their personal commitment to the Island’s destiny and to discover how they can play a meaningful part in moving Bald Head forward while maintaining that special something that makes our Island paradise so unique.

Happy Birthday, BHA!

Published on Friday, April 27, 2012

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