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The Sounds of Silence

Posted on Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A quite morning on the marsh.

This post is part of a series titled Haven: Behind the Scenes, which delves deeper into some of our favorite stories from the most recent issue of Haven magazine.

When I wrote my essay on sounds and silence on Bald Head Island for the current issue of haven, I wanted desperately to be able to make you hear the island as I heard it. To hear the lapping of water against rocks, the chirping of frogs in the marsh and crinkling of leaves in the forest. As it turns out, I got lucky – recordings of some of the very sounds I’d written about already existed.

After the jump, you’ll find seven tracks that walk you through a day around Bald Head Island. Just click on each to play it. Before you listen, I encourage you to go back to your copy of haven or visit the online version here and read Silence to learn more about a different take on that term, then listen to the sounds that inspired me to write it. I hope they inspire you as well.