Thursday, March 25, 2004

National Survey Shows Demand for Vacationing in “Turtle Time” 

Bald Head Island, NC – Bald Head Island, a resort and residential island located two miles off the southeastern coast of North Carolina, is rising to meet the need of families desiring a traditional vacation experience. According to the 2003 American Express Leisure Travel Index, the majority of travelers say their ideal vacation is “a place to relax and unwind,” followed by a place to spend “quality time with family.” The same report found that the top two motivations for traveling include “visiting family and friends” and taking “a beach resort vacation.” Bald Head Island answers all these requirements, as evidenced by the more than 51,000 people from 48 states, Europe and Canada who vacationed here from May through September 2003.

Accessible only by private boat or passenger ferry, Bald Head Island is an undiscovered and quiet retreat where transportation is limited to electric carts, bicycles and pedestrian traffic. Vacationers are drawn to the island’s peaceful, nostalgic atmosphere. Rather than amusement parks, movies theatres, restaurants and outlet malls, Bald Head Island offers vacationers an opportunity to experience a true getaway, reminiscent of classic vacations of yesteryear. The island’s 14 miles of pristine beaches, protected maritime forest, lush marshes, championship golf course, club amenities and a wealth of old-fashioned family-oriented activities provides an opportunity to relax, unwind and reconnect with loved ones. Vacationers depart the island refreshed, rather than depleted from the over-scheduling that typifies many modern vacations.

“When I come to Bald Head, I live life in ‘turtle time,’” said Odette Arnold, Bald Head Island homeowner, referring to the island’s celebrated sea turtle protection program. “As soon as I step on the ferry, I slow down and escape from the stresses of everyday life. Because the island is still relatively undiscovered, we aren’t distracted by long lines or frustrating crowds. My husband, daughter and I can spend quality family time together discovering the island and, most importantly, enjoying each other.”