Spa Massage

Massage & Bodywork

Inspired by the serenity of the ocean surrounding Bald Head Island, our massages and body treatments help melt tension away.


Signature Massage

Your therapist will adjust pressure to suit your needs while incorporating herbal infused warm towels for the ultimate relaxing experience.
30/60/90 minutes / $60/$100/$145

Therapeutic Massage

Personalized therapy with deep pressure and focus on your areas of tension.
60/90 minutes / $110/$155

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue techniques to alleviate muscle tension and restore flexibility.
60/90 minutes / $120/$165

Mother-To-Be Massage

This full-body massage for the expectant mother helps increase circulation, reduces fatigue and eases aches in the back, shoulders and neck.
60 minutes / $115

Heated Stone Massage

Your therapist will apply pressure with warm, smooth stones to release muscle stress, inspiring a sense of deep relaxation.
75 minutes / $145

Thai Yoga Massage

Our massage therapist will guide you through a series of yoga postures while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy lines and pressure points.
90 minutes / $165


This service is based on the ancient practice of manipulating pressure points on hands and feet to help balance your body and soul.
30/60 minutes / $60/$100

Couples Massage

Take time out for the two of you while relaxing side by side in our couples massage room.

  • Signature Massage – 60/90 minutes / $240/$330
  • Deep Tissue Massage – 60/90 minutes / $280/$370

Massage Add-Ons

($20 each)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Chest or Back Scrub
  • Sinus Relief
  • Organic Honey Lifting Treatment


Organic Body Peel

Eminence Organic Peels are made with all natural ingredients including fruit pulps, enzymes and green tea, and can help to rebalance, tighten, firm and tone the skin. Let our Skin Care Specialist choose the right peel for you. 75 minutes / $135

Eminence Organic Sea Salt Scrubs & Wraps

Your therapist will choose seasonal fruits and herbs to pamper and nourish your body. 60 minutes / $120

Norvell Spray Tan

Get a natural, sun kissed look without the damaging rays of the sun.

  • Full Body $45
  • Face/Shoulder/Arms $25
  • Legs $25
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